January 20

Day 20 - "Yes Lord" Is Our Only Response

Read: Luke 18:18-27

He replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” 
Luke 18:27 

Let’s say I have a house with 12 rooms, and each room has a door with a specific key to unlock it. Let’s also imagine that you want to buy that house from me for a large sum of money. What if you paid me in full up front, but I only gave you six out of the 12 keys? I tell you, “Here are six of the keys, so that means you can’t use the upstairs bathroom, the closet, the bedroom on the left or the downstairs washroom, etc.” Without a doubt, you would say, “No way! No deal!”

Many times, we try to offer Jesus Christ the same type of deal. In Luke 18:18–27, a rich young ruler approached Jesus with the ultimate question: “Good Teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life” (v.18)? If you continue to read, you will see that after some discussion the young ruler walked away sorrowful, because he was trying to receive eternal life on his own terms. Jesus explained that eternal life is received when you give total rule of your life to Him. Unfortunately, the young man was unwilling to do that.

Often, we approach Christ offering Him just part of our lives. You must realize that He doesn’t want part, He wants all of you. I am sure you’ve heard the adage, “He can’t be Lord at all, unless He is Lord of all!” Once we say, “Yes” to Jesus for salvation, “Yes” is the only answer we can ever give Him again.

PRAY: Ask God, “What keys of my life am I still holding on to today?” Allow Him to unlock those doors and clean out the mess. Give Him total ownership of your house. It’s difficult to share with others about surrendering to Jesus if you are still holding on to things yourself.

ACT: Salvation is not possible based on what we do; it is only possible because of what God has done. It is a true miracle. Write down at least five miracles in the Bible that were impossible for people but were possible for God. Let these be a reminder that He has the ability to save your one.
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