January 27

Day 27 - The Price Was Fully Paid

Read: Matthew 27:57-66

…and placed it in his new tomb, which he had cut into the rock. He left after rolling a great stone against the entrance of the tomb.
Matthew 27:60

There is a ridiculous theory out there that teaches that Jesus Christ never really died while He was on the cross. Some scholars say that Jesus was just in a comatose state, and the people were fooled into believing He was actually dead. While He was buried in the tomb, the cool damp air revived Him and brought Him out of the coma. Their theory is that Jesus never really rose from the dead; He just awoke out of a coma.

In today’s text, we see the written facts of Jesus’ death. Don’t forget how the Roman soldiers made sure that Jesus was dead by piercing His side with a spear (see John 19:34). Christ had been pronounced dead, and Joseph of Arimathea went to ask Pilate for Jesus’ body so that he could give Him a proper burial. The Son of God fully and completely died while He was on the cross.

The fact that Jesus was actually buried became an integral part of the gospel proclamation (see 1 Corinthians 15:4). Jesus did nothing short of giving all He had on our behalf. His death was the perfect sacrifice and payment for our sin. Don’t let false theories detract from the beauty of a Savior who died so you wouldn’t have to! He gave His all so sinners could be rescued.

PRAY: Take time to pray in silence today. Close your eyes and try to imagine the journey of Jesus carrying the cross, enduring the beatings and hanging on the cross until He gave up His last breath. Know that was out of love for both you and the ones with whom you’re sharing the gospel.

ACT: If you are feeling uncomfortable with sharing the gospel, practice doing so with another believer or just aloud to yourself. Practicing what you’re saying will help build confidence in what you’re saying. 
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